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It's a new day

After 9 months of thinking about it and not being able to launch a new (???) EP, it’s finally happening. I’ve rallied the troops that played on “It’s a New Day” EP (Matiss Schubert – Fiddle/Mandolin) and Jack Meredith (Harmonica/guitar) and together we’re putting on a show at Pistol Pete’s Food ‘n’ Blues, Geelong. December 18, 9.30 – 11.30pm. It’s a two part show featuring the new songs in the first set, then some more bluesey, goodtime tunes in the second set.

We’re busting to throw some music at you so get your ears on and join us won’t you!

Wayne Jury belated CD launch. Pistol Pete’s Food n Blues. Dec 18, 9.30pm


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