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Rhythms Magazine, Restless CD review

CD Review.	WAYNE JURY - ‘RESTLESS’ – Ella records - BLUES  The terms 'bluesman' and 'businessman' seem at odds. Bellarine-based stalwart of Victoria’s blues scene, Wayne Jury boasts a professional CV including house writer for Albert's publishing arm, producer, band member, festival mover and shaker, mentor to aspiring Youth in Blues and Blues Boot Camp facilitator. But singing the blues with nothing but a guitar and a passion, he's all grass roots and heart - somewhat like the late Dutch Tilders. Restless is unmistakably blues-based with a seasoning of rock and soul notes. A variation on the Robert Johnson theme, 'Blues in the Kitchen’, is a foot tapping opener. As simple and tasty as fresh baked scones. ‘Oil and Gasoline’ takes aim at ruthless mega powers via strident vocals and pointed lyrics. (America does what Ameri-can.') 'Paint a Picture' frames stripped-back acoustic folk-blues – with understated guitar allowing Jury’s soulful vocals to shine. The locomotive chug of 'The Path of Least Resistance’ jauntily brings it home.  CHRIS LAMBIE Rhythms Magazine May/June 2018

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