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Normal live shows (Solo and band) will be few and far between for me in the first half of this year but I'm excited to be continuing my work as director of the Tides of Welcome Choir based in Queenscliff, Victoria. I'm also very pleased to be working with the Geelong College Community Choir for term 2 of 2023.
I'll also be putting some finishing touches to a bunch of new songs which I hope to record before the end of the year.
It was great to spread my wings a bit early in the new year with a couple of shows outside the box, including the Great gig in the sky celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of "Dark Side of the Moon". The Tranquillity@twilight fair as director of the Tides of Welcome Choir, and in February  singing some jazz to 500 or so folks at the Gelong Botanic gardens Jazz Soiree.  Thank you to all those who came along to a show, I hope you enjoyed it.
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“Singing the blues with nothing but a guitar and a passion, he's all grass roots and heart - somewhat like the late Dutch Tilders”. CHRIS LAMBIE Rhythms Magazine May/June 2018.

“Wayne Jury is one of the best blues singers in this country.”
Michael Smith, Drum Media Sydney.
Wayne Jury is more than blues. Recognised as a multitalented tunesmith (signed as ‘House Writer’ and artist to the legendary J Albert and Son Publishing, home of ACDC, Rose Tattoo, Easybeats since 1994.) His versatility as a performer sees him at ease with ensembles or solo, delving deep into soul, jazz, and rock to combine these genres with his distinctive voice, style, and performance.
Fronting rock bands across Australia since he was 16 he’s been called on by some of Australia’s most iconic bands to front their gigs when they’ve been missing a lead singer. His initiation into the world of music began in Geelong supporting Australia’s finest touring bands (AC/DC, Ayres Rock, Little River Band, Buffalo, Cold Chisel, Dragon, to name but a few). Since then he has played thousands of gigs all over Australia, including opening for blues greats Robert Cray, Albert Collins, Canned Heat, BB King, Chris Cain, and Buddy Guy. His own bands have included Black Cat Moan, soul band Drybones, as well as frontman for legends Ron & Jeff King (Foreday Riders) and young guitar prodigy, Nathan Cavalleri.

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Wayne Jury
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